Adding bigger solar panel to solar pathlight

I have the solar pathlights, which only have a 0.5w solar panel on top.

Given the pathlights charge via USB, I’m thinking of buying a small 2w solar panel with USB output for the top of each light and plugging it into the USB charge port. Some drilling and warranty voiding would be involved but can anyone think why this would not work?

Side note: a LOT of people complaining about charging time and inability to keep light on all night.

The tube of the solar pathlight is completely holllow. If Ring offered a high-end version of the pathlight with a huge rechargeable battery and larger top solar panel (even +1 inch diameter could make a big difference), I bet there are MANY customers would jump on that, even at $79-99 a piece. I know I would.

To answer my own question: just adding a bigger solar panel and plugging it into the usb charging port won’t work as the solar pathlight/Steplights, when receiving charge via usb stop working properly and go into “charge mode” — the lights flash continuously and won’t work properly.

So to add a say, 1W 5V solar panel with USB output, you’d have to bypass the USB port and either connect directly to battery (risk of overcharge) or open it up and solder to the internal solar panel electrical connection points, being careful to REMOVE the existing solar panel electrical connection leads or risk incorrect voltage if two 5V panels are connected simultaneously (built in plus external).

A lot of work. Wish Amazon would just ship a light with 1W or 2W panel and giant battery to let the lights run all night at regular (not dim) level.