Adding a default motion alert snooze option

Requesting a feature to allow us to enable a notification motion alert snooze that does not send motion alerts x minutes after a motion alert is sent.

For example, I walk my dog several times a day and this motion is picked up. These walks take 2-3 minutes. When I get back to my phone, there are numerous unnecessary alerts for me to delete/swipe away. I do not want to enable snooze every time I walk my dog or receive a package. The times are random and cannot be scheduled in the app.

I would like a feature that allows me to setup a default motion alert snooze that says:

After a motion is detected, snooze motion detection alerts for 1-5 minutes, before enabling motion alerts again.

Thank you.

When you say “unnecessary alerts for me to delete” what do you mean?
I have an Android phone, and when I go out and work in my yard and then go back inside my phone will have a bunch of Ring Notifications on it. I “swipe” them away from my Notifications area and I’m done. I’ve never deleted anything so I’m curious what you are having to delete.

I use the terms interchangeably (delete/swiping away).

If I’m going to be working in the yard, then I’ll snooze notifications while I’m out there since it’s usually a while.

I’m referring to snoozing alerts that at back to back and related to the same event that usually a couple of minutes like dog walking or receiving a package or taking out the garbage.

I would rather receive one alert for this motion detection than several as long as they occur within the same few minutes.