Add USB charging, for Pete's sake

The Ring Intercom is designed to work unattended (when the homeowner is away). So it doesn’t make sense that only battery powering is available, and someone needs to physically be there to change the battery.

Please put a USB port on the unit so it can work all the time (like the doorbell it’s attached to does!).

Thank you.

Hi @enhompe, welcome to the Community! Thank you for providing us with your feedback, we will forward it to our Ring Intercom development team. We’re always looking to improve and add to our devices and the experience we provide. Feel free to post this idea on the Feature Request board we have on the Ring Community as well, which you can find here: Feature Request Board - Ring Community. If you will need any additional assistance with your Ring Intercom in the future, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to to assist you further.

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