Add trigger for modes in IFTTT: Disarmed, Home, Away

Can you please add more functionality to IFTTT. It would be great to have a trigger for setting the modes: Disarmed, Home, Away


Yes, this would be a very useful feature. My neighborhood, like many others are seeing an uptick in vehicle thefts from people’s driveways. I would like to work with our local police department to develop a tool for them to be alerted upon the arrival of these criminals. It might give them the few minutes needed for the officers to arrive while suspects are still on the property. This feature would be critical in integrating with this tool to prevent false flags.

Thank you.


We recently had a neighborhood safety meeting with some local police officials to discuss the rampant problems and several possible solutions were discussed. This was one of them, which they seemed very open to trying and working with me to implement. They encouraged being contacted over suspicious activities and agreed this such an automated system could give them a necessary lead advantage to respond while the suspects are still on the premises. Obviously before deploying, the system should be sufficiently tested to eliminate false flags. One concern was that often animals often trigger these cameras, so I’m using tools that use AI to identify whether the object is a person, vehicle, animal or other (tree, insect, leaves, etc). This is a proof of concept for now but could help communities feel safer in their homes.