Add Thumbnails to History Tab

It would be nice to include thumbnails of each recording to the History tab instead of just showing a running list of recorded events. That way you can pick and choose which video you want/need to review instead of having to click on each and every event, thanks!

Hi, seems a logical request. But how would a single thumbnail help you pick what video to view, unless it’s just on lighting conditions?

Glad you asked. I don’t need to see videos of my wife bringing in the groceries, my kids running in and out of the house, etc etc. If I access the history tab and have to view each and every event just to see something worth viewing, it’s a waste of time. However, if I see a thumbnail of some random person I don’t recognize or an unrecognized vehicle parked in my driveway, that’s a video I want to see. Also, fwiw, my previous doorbell camera (Skybell) that was serviced through provided thumbnails on their list of recordings so I know it can be done.