Add Thumbnails to History Tab

(Added screenshot below) It would be nice to include thumbnails of each recording to the History tab instead of just showing a running list of recorded events. That way you can pick and choose which video you want/need to review instead of having to click on each and every event, thanks!

Hi, seems a logical request. But how would a single thumbnail help you pick what video to view, unless it’s just on lighting conditions?

Glad you asked. I don’t need to see videos of my wife bringing in the groceries, my kids running in and out of the house, etc etc. If I access the history tab and have to view each and every event just to see something worth viewing, it’s a waste of time. However, if I see a thumbnail of some random person I don’t recognize or an unrecognized vehicle parked in my driveway, that’s a video I want to see. Also, fwiw, my previous doorbell camera (Skybell) that was serviced through provided thumbnails on their list of recordings so I know it can be done.

This is a feature offered by all the competition. Google Nest even takes it a step further by showing an animated GIF style thumbnail. Come on Ring - get with it…

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The history review is still suboptimal. For years the other services show multiple videos at one time with time lapse like display of the activity. So on my other services I can review multiple cameras events over multiple days by just scrolling down the page, three events video shown per page and the time lapse like video let’s me quickly identify if it’s family etc. I can literally review a week of capture in minutes.

With ring I have to go to each camera, try to scroll the timeline which does not work as well. So I abandon it. I like other parts of the ring products but not having a quick way to review the video history is hard to overcome.

I really expected it to be fixed by now.

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