Add the ability to set different entry delays for each individual sensor

Hi, can you please add the option to individually adjust the entry delay for each individual sensor in each mode? I have a couple of doors that I use to come and go. While I may have an entry delay for all the doors that I use to come and go in my house, one does not require such a long entry delay. In addition, I am also looking into getting a glass break sensor. But, it seems to only have the option to set off an immediate alarm if it hears glass breaking in both Home and Armed and Away and Armed modes. Some of my family members can be pretty clumsy sometimes and drop a glass cup while I have the system armed in Home and Armed. Not to mention, we also have a window (which a no delay is useful when the system is in Away and Armed mode), but, we’d love to open for some fresh air at night, but suddenly forget that the system was armed and wake the entire neighborhood up. So, can you please add an option to allow the option to adjust the entry delay on each individual sensor in each mode? That would certainly help me out a lot. Thank you.

That could be an option to have it totally disabled in Home mode, but I would still love to have the alarm go off after a 30 seconds in Home and Armed to feel more secure (current Entry Delay for all other sensors in my home are 60 seconds). So, it would be beneficial to have the option to adjust the entry delay on each individual sensor.

Also, I do want to provide more details into this feature request. So, the ability to set different entry delays for each sensor in each mode means we can set, for instance the Front Door to have a 60 second delay in both Home and Armed and Away and Armed while have the Back Door have a 30 second Delay in Home and Armed, but have the alarm sound right away (a no delay) in Away and Armed. Which delay the system will use is triggered by the first activity detected. For example, if we open the Front Door, and then walk in front of a Motion sensor with an entry delay of 30 seconds, the delay the system will use will be 60 seconds. However, if somehow motion was detected first and then we open the Front Door, the delay will be 30 seconds. It can also mean the system will sound the alarm right away if you set a no delay on the Motion Sensor and motion was detected first and then you open the door (same thing the other way around, open the Front Door first and then motion is detected, 60 seconds).

Please implement this. I’m tired of accidentally setting off my alarm when I open the back door to let my pets out and I don’t want to have the same 60 second delay on the front and back door.


I vote for this! Sorry, but i have another explanation below if it makes sense to ring! Please add this feature. We know its possible Ring! For example. I have a entryway motion sensor, which guards all the windows at the main door.
During home mode, overnight, I would want a delay for my entryway motion sensor, so when i come down in the mornings it gives me time to disarm the system. However i checked that having a delay also means it causes a delay for main door entry contact sensor too. But i personally would not want a delay for an entry for the main door when i am in home mode at night.

Now there are ways around this. You can have zero delay in home mode and take the keypad with you upstairs OR turn off from your phone before you come down OR buy an extra keypad, and disarm before coming down. But people may not want to do any of these. Someone who is not tech savvy may prefer using the keypad and not the phone. And that person would not want to keep taking the keypad off. Also people may not want to fork out more money for an extra keypad.

In essence, during home mode, different people have different needs of their alarm system and each sensor may require different delay options at each modes. We know the sensors are capable of this because if a sensor is ‘positioned’ ‘main door’ there will be a delay, of not, there wont be one. We can overcome this by changing the ‘position’ everytime we want to either alarm it for home OR away, but who wants to keep changing the ‘placement’ of the sensors between these two modes everytime? No one.

Am sure ring just requires a software update, and additional options to their app to make this change. Unless if they are actually unable to do this??! :o

We had purchased our ring system in June of 2021 and this was a feature. I had backdoor programmed to alarm no matter what while my side and front were on delay. I just went to verify and noticed this feature is gone.
We sometimes let the pups out or forget it’s armed when home so the last thing I want is to eliminate the delay from my active doors. It would give me piece of mind to know my back door that we never used would alarm immediately.

Hi @user34443. What you’re referring to is whether a Contact Sensor is categorized as a Main Door or not. This can be adjusted under Device Settings > Placement for each Contact Sensor. If it is set as a Main Door, it will provide the Entry Delay. If it’s set as a Secondary Door or a Window, it will trigger the alarm without a delay.

Answer the question, we need delays on all door contact sensors, not just the main door. That’s what’s being asked.

@Caitlyn_Ring @user42339 No, I think they’re trying to ask for the ability to set different entry delays here. Like for example, 30 seconds on the Garage Door in Home and Armed and 60 seconds in Away and Armed or no entry delay in Home and Armed and 30 seconds in Away and Armed for the Front Door.

Yeah, I totally support this! My Front Door definitely requires a 60 second entry delay in Away mode but my Side Door (which is closer to the keypad) may only require a 30 second entry delay while both doors don’t require any delay in Home mode. Please release this and remove the default “entryway / room” or “main door / secondary door / window” settings.