Add Sound Options to Mode Settings

Include sound options in the mode settings. So if I set Mode Away I get phone notifications but Alexa and the chime doesn’t go off at home. Then when I set it to Mode Home my phone is silent but Alexa and the Chimes do sound.

So annoying having a million sounds all out of sync from multiple devices, my phone, alexa and a chime when I am at home but don’t want to turn my phone notifications off and miss them when I am away!

Also - Can we please have a way of having the same selectable sounds on the phone, chime and door bell? The only way to have the same at the moment is to set them to only a small selection that happen to be the same. Or just let us have custom sounds and I will do it myself!

This is exactly what I’m looking for it almost makes me want to get rid of my ring it drives me insane. I hope that they will add this feature it just seems that it should be common sense for that to be a home mode setting.