Add sound detection on Cameras and Doorbells

We have a vacation rental. Our town has strict regulations on noise. I would like for our outdoor cameras to be able to alert me to high noise levels when they happen between certain hours.

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I only use Ring to monitor my dog. I don’t need to know when she gets off the couch. I just want to tell her through the device to stop barking.

Could you add a feature to the Ring Indoor Cam that detects noise, like a dog barking?

Sound alerting would be especially useful to pick up on my dogs barking while I am out.

There are competitive products out there that identify the sound of a person or animal.

I’ve been growing more and more disgusted with Ring since Amazon bought them out. This used to be a capability — we have motion set to inside our property boundary — I don’t want the cameras recording every time a car drives our house. When this capability was enabled, it actually recorded a hit-and-run of a vehicle across the street and one house down. And it was based on the crash … when the loud noise (sensitivity adjustments were possible) — the crash — occurred, the video that was recorded was saved beginning 10 full seconds earlier so that you could see the entire incident happen — the new/learning driver and passenger got out of the car, switched seats, and sped off. Why am I here now? My trash guys had broken my trash can — again — this was one that I purchased for $125. This morning, they were grossly abusing the trash cans and I went to pull the video to send it to the trash company but there was no video. Explosive noises, throwing the trash cans. And then I realized that the settings were gone. Ring, you suck. I regret buying into your system and I vow to urge everyone I know to avoid Ring and to build there own wired/wireless system, with their own DVR and cloud storage options. That’s what I should have done from the outset.

I would share an idea,
It would be nice to have a sound detection feature on the cameras and which would send us a notification when a sound like a window breaking, etc… I think it could add strong security, for neighbors for example , the cameras are not necessarily for reasons of confidentiality, but it would allow us to “monitor” even for us if sometimes the cameras do not detect a movement…

Really want the sound trigger feature. I would like to know when my dogs are barking. There are cheaper cameras on the market with this feature. C’mon RING!

100% should already be a feature. Can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be. Cheap rubbish cameras have this, why doesn’t ring?