Add sound detection on Cameras and Doorbells

Allow the plugged in internal cameras to enable baby mode. Sound and motion detection heightened. Echo show to show camera permanently no need to record.

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Still nothing I will buy two more cameras right now if it was a feature


I started using the ring security cams since last year when we purchased our new house. I love their camera and all the features it has.

One thing I wish they had is a good reliable baby monitor . We have this Owlet baby monitor and I’ll tell you this it sucks. Constantly drops wifi connections sometimes it doesn’t even connect at all. I’ve done so many factory resets on this thing and we still run into the same problems over and over again.

It’s so important to have a reliable baby monitoring camera specially when you have an infant who wakes up multiple times during the night. An unreliable camera just intensifies all of your worries as a new parents.

Ring already has solids products why not beat out the competitors even more by making one for baby monitoring. Your cameras are already very reliable.

Just a thought


I use the ring indoor camera for a baby monitor it’s a crystal clear picture. But the only downside is when you have it on live view, after a while it will stop and come back to the main menu. Is there a way of keeping the live view up, or can I request the feature be added to a software update for the future? Possibly with more baby camera features added? As I said it’s the perfect camera for a baby monitor and would think it would be a huge seller if promoted as a feature!


After receiving notice from Cacoon Camera going out of business and removing their app support soon i ordered an indoor Ring cam.

It would be nice to see an option that would alert you to you baby crying. I’m sure they were just using a tone recognition algorithm along with a decibel setting to notice the crying.

This would be a huge push for the indoor camera and some excellent added support for parents.

Is it possible to add the possibility for a Sound Alert in the Ring camera settings? So the camera/notifications come in the moment a sound is detected. In that way we can use the Ring Camera as a baby monitor too… Please consider!


Disappointing that my cheap tacky camera with no make pics up noise detection, but my ring indoor camera doesn’t! The area I need covered doesn’t always have motion but it’s the sound I needed to capture and this camera doesn’t! Needs needs to be an option! Pay all this money for half a job


I use a Ring indoor camera to monitor my new puppy’s kennel when we have to leave her for an hour or two. She moves around a lot, even while sleeping, so the motion alerts are almost constant. What I really need to know is if she starts whining or barking. Please consider adding an option to be alerted to detected sounds. This would also allow the camera to be used as a baby monitor.


This feature would really make Ring cameras capable in many more applications. Its a critical missing feaitre that many other cameras on the market have.

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I would like to know if you plan on adding a sound activated feature to the app settings with a selectable level of detection. I would like to use this for monitoring my dogs and record when they bark or make excessive noise and then record from that camera or multiple ones to find out what may be the cause. I was able to do this with a different brand camera but I didn’t like other things about that particular brand. I am sure there would be a large number of people that would use this feature.

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It could save a life. My neighbor was shot and murdered, right next door at a house which is very close, within feet of the camera and of course since there is no sound trigger the camera did not record anything. I gave police recordings of cars coming and going but the actual sound would have been useful and unfortunately there is nothing there.

Please add this feature! What if someone breaks glass or there are shots fired - the camera should record above a certain decibel level and I’m sure this is possible.

Not sure if the glass break detector would sense this? I couldn’t find anything conclusive about this from my search: Glass Break Sensor | Ring

While I am really sorry to hear about what happened, I don’t know of any alarm company that currently offers a gun shot detector as an alarm accessory. Sounds like a very fringe use case. With that said, I doubt it would cost very much to include this feature in an alarm product so maybe Ring could step up to the challenge and set an example in the industry.

Please consider adding the ability of a ring outdoor stickup camera to be activated by selectable sound levels similar to the knock detection feature of peep hole cameras.

I have my camera facing my apartment complex parking lot with motion detection restricted to the area where my car is parked. A drive by shooter sprayed a volume of billets into a car with in the view of my cancers but outside the area of motion detection.

My solar panel couldn’t support my battery power usage if I broadened my motion detection parameters to monitor all parking lot activity. My camera only picked up parking lot activity after the shooting incident which helped the police with the timeline but not for identification of the passing automobile.

My camera has two way sound capabilities. If there was a camera feature that allowed it to be activated based on pre-selected higher level sounds the camera might have activated in time to capture an image of the fleeing automobile. Obviously I’m only interested in camera activation from sounds with the intensity of gun fire within a few hundred feet (400?), car crashes, explosions, etc.

Obviously this capability exists but not as a Ring camera detection feature.


Also, PLEASE consider adding back the sound-activated recording feature to your products. I live in an apartment complex, and my unit is situated at the top of a split staircase. In many cases, people don’t trigger the motion-activated recording until they are almost all the way up the stairs and just steps away from my door. I usually hear people entering our building and ascending the stairs way before they come into view. If sound triggered the recording, I would be able to see anyone approaching my door much sooner, which is what I want. This feature could be set up with an on/off toggle AND with a sensitivity slider (just like you have with motion). This would allow users to customize their experience. Users who want sound-activated recording can have it and can also adjust the sensitivity of the sounds captured. Those who don’t want it, can turn it off. Problem solved for everyone! Much appreciated!

I think it would be great if the cameras turned on if there is a loud booming noise outside.

I’m very surprised Ring doesn’t have this feature, as other lower price point brands do. If I’m away one of the main functions of my cameras is to alert me in the case of an emergency like a fire or loud crash. Realizing my Rings don’t have any feature like that is causing me to consider switching back to another system.

Ring needs to add the ability to activate the camera by sound, like a baby crying or an elderly person or someone yelling HELP or other loud noises like something heavy falling or glass breaking. This would be beneficial for people with babies & elderly parents who do not want to have cameras activated every time they walk through a room but if they need help they can yell and camera will activate. Would sell a lot more cameras if the activate by sound was an option.

In 2023, it’s pure insanity when a company like Ring, backed with the endless supply of Amazon money, hasn’t already added this functionality. Whether for crime, fire or safety related, the ability to either trigger recording based on a voice command or start recording upon detection of sound is just common sense. Please focus on features like this, and you will indeed sell more cameras.

As others have noted, it’s my sincere hope that Ring treats the Feature Request Board as opposed to a simple “Leave a Message” forum where nothing actually happens (a la Quickbooks Online). Keep up the good work, but please focus on what matters.

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boiledpeanut hit the nail right on the head. Surely the marketing department is aware of the number of people with pets and babies?

All Ring cameras should be able to detect loud noises and send push notifications with a clip of the recording. Most other camera systems already have this feature and they enable the user to set a decibel level to control sensitivity. For people with pets or babies this is an extremely useful feature.