Add software reset/reboot feature to cameras

I have encountered an issue with my stick-up battery camera were it out of nowhere stops providing live view and stops sensing motion, I have seen other posts mentioning similar problems.

In my case I have to physically remove and reinstall the battery from the camera which is faster than pressing the setup button for 15 seconds in order to reboot the camera. Once I perform the procedure the camera starts responding again to motion and providing live view.

During the instances when the camera stops providing live view and motion detection the ring app reports in the device health section that it is online and a recent health status date which means ring/ring app are communicating with the camera.

Please add a feature to both the camera firmware and the ring app that allows for a soft reset/reboot of the camera from the device health section with a button named maybe reboot camera.

Why do I need to physically go to the camera to remove a battery or press a button if this could be done remotely via the app. What happens if I am on vacation and the camera stops working properly and I am not physically there to perform the reset procedures suggested.

Please add the feature to the firmware and app to perform a soft reset of a camera that appears online on the device health section of the app but has stopped sensing motion and providing live view.

I have noticed there is a small drawback to resetting the camera and is that the reboot causes a small loss of battery power but I prefer that to having a device that stopped doing what it is supposed to do.



FYI this same request was submitted awhile back:

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I have the same issue. What I just tried was turn off People Mode. It seems to be fine now.

If you have this issue your router has been hacked, it is not the fault of the cameras themselves, as you can see via the camera still reporting it’s status as online even though it is not. I was able to fix this with the new Google Nest WiFi, it came out in October & auto applies updates just make sure you turn on Google Reporting so they can collect analytics see if it is hacked in the future. Would you rather have a random hacker with all your data or Google with just what they need to improve the firewalls?

They are playing with you w/the battery reinstall thing sorry, replace that old router with something that live updates.