Add second Ring Car Camera to record traffic behind your car

The Ring Car Camera takes good video of the front of the car but is terrible for behind the car. Many accidents occur from behind and if you get hit from behind, I don’t think it would be even possible to read a license plate off the Ring footage.

I suggest that Ring add the option of a video camera to place at the rear window to record behind the car.

In the meantime, It may be possible to purchase a second Ring Car Camera and set it up for teh rear of the car. We would need an obd II splitter (Amazon has tons) and a long extension cord. Not sure if there will be enough battery power to power 2 Ring Car Cameras and if they will conflict with each other.

Anyone brave enough to try this and report back to us how well it worked (or not)

So I’m a traveling lineman. I do power line construction. Our tools are very expensive & there’s not a good way to protect & watch them while you are in the hotel room. So I have seen the front car cam & thought what a fantastic idea. Now build the sister to this camera with a suction cup that attaches to the back glass, watching all of our toolboxes across the world. Live look in capabilities with live alerts if someone is snooping around the truck.