Add Option to Disable Bypassing Sensor when Arming with Keypad

When a sensor is left open, the keypad currently states that a sensor is open and to press the lit check button to bypass it. I would rather not have this option at all and prefer that the system refuse to arm via the keypad.

My situation is that I am using this system in a community center environment where the members are often non-English speaking and older, not tech-savvy people. The verbal prompt is often misunderstood and the lit check mark just looks like a “Yes, please confirm arm” button.

Even the English speaking persons miss the verbal prompt - especially when there is background noise. Like many other threads in this forum, some also assume that the bypassed sensor will be re-armed later as that is how their home security system works.

So, my preference is an option in the app to disable the bypassing sensors feature for the keypad. If the system doesn’t alarm, my community members will check all the sensors before trying again because that is how the old system worked so they are used to it. This isn’t needed in the app because there are pop up notifications and the app users can see all the sensors at a glance.