Add option to allow monitoring center to use cameras to confirm burglary or incident before dispatching authorities

As the title suggests. This option is available with simplisafe at no extra charge but can be turned off. Would eliminate the authorities being dispatched due to false alarm. Cameras would only be monitored during an alarm when armed in away mode.

Feature already announced ( Virtual Security Guard: A New Service Offering Peace of Mind When You’re Out of Range – The Ring Blog)

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That’s not the same as it costs $100 a month, the SS plan covers this capability at $25 a month, as I mentioned in the post it should not cost extra to have this feature just a toggle preference in settings.

Also, they only monitor external cameras, to see if an actual break in has occurred they would need to monitor interior cameras before calling police.

You expect Ring to have this feature for no extra cost? Who are they going to hire to monitor cameras for free? You? Are you willing to work for nothing?
I didn’t think so.
They offer the feature, if you choose not to take them up on it (I’m not) that’s up to you.

I just know simplisafe is able to do it, most likely the monitoring center they contract with already offers the service for free.