Add Motion Detection snooze option

** Please note I am speaking of motion detection snooze, not motion notification snooze** Currently there is no option to snooze motion detection, for 30 minutes. 1 Hr etc. , like there is for motion notification. The options are on/off, so if you are washing your car in front of the doorbell or camera, or the lawn crew arrives, there is no way to snooze detection for an hour. You have to turn it off, then remember to turn it on again.

Or just leave it as is.
I leave mine, mow the lawn, wash the vehicle, whatever, and when I go back to my phone I swipe away all the notifications and it’s done. No needing to snooze or remember to turn back on anything.
My partner receives the notifications as well and I presume they do the same.

You obviously did not understand what I posted, even the “Please note” part :smile:. I am not speaking of notifications, I am speaking of 20 videos of the guys doing the lawn or someone washing the car that drains the doorbell + camera batteries. motion detection snooze, as in videos . Not notifications.