Add louder, more persistent entry delay notification

The entry delay notification is not loud enough and not persistent enough. One solution would be to add an Alexa skill, preferably with the option to have a loud tone sound repeatedly or continuously, and/or repeated voice announcements.

I’m also requesting this feature request. We should be able to have the entry delay notification warning played through all connected Alexa/Echo devices.

I just set the alarm off opening a door on the other side of my house not realizing my wife had set the alarm in the middle of the day and I didn’t hear the entry delay warning. I already have an Echo in every room with a Ring sensor. I shouldn’t have to buy a Ring keypad for all of those rooms just to hear the notification.

I agree. The entry delay needs to be louder. Or be able to be linked to Alexa to make louder.

I have done announcements with alexa to do this.