Add hardwire support in the Retro Kit for motion sensors

I’ve installed the Retro Kit to my Ring Alarm and have successfully added my hard wired motion sensor (it’s being powered by the old ADT panel). The problem is that the Ring alarm sees this sensor as a door/window resulting in hundreds of entries being generated in the Event History/Alarm tab as we walk around the house. The history gets over populated with opening and closings of the sensor. It would be great if hard wired motion sensor could be supported the same as or close to the Ring motion sensor.


Also, this would help with Alexa integration, as existing wired motion sensors pulled in from retrofit alarm kit have to be configured as a “window” or “door”. This limits what can be done with routines in Alexa. For example, try to trigger a routine on “when there is no motion for 30 minutes” … Alexa handles this fine if it knows that something is actually a motion sensor, but not so much for doors and windows.

Click on Settings - Modes - Disarmed - Devices in Disarmed Mode is greyed out. If we could toggle off the retrofit sensors (in our case the hardwired motion detectors) then the problem is solved. We can already toggle on/off each sensor in the other modes, so I don’t see why that cannot translate to the disarmed mode as well.

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Since the retro kit gets mounted next to the old panel, and it is obvious the old hard wire system is plugged into an electrical oulet so electric is available, why not make the retro kit plug into an AC outlet then it could power items like a motion detector and maybe even a hardwired smoke detector?

Just wondering why it doesn’t use AC.


Adding the power capability to Retrofit Kit implies they would have to release a new version of the retrofit kit … however, adding software support for defining a particular zone as a motion sensor is just a software update. In most cases people can power their motion sensors from their existing alarm panels, so it doesn’t seem to be a critical requirement to be able to power them from the retrofit kit.

Please, Ring, add software support for defining a zone as a motion sensor!


Sadly, this is a deal breaker for me. We have very high ceilings with wired motion detectors. I don’t want to be changing batteries on those. This software update would do it for me!

Definitely a simple enough software update for Ring to implement (if they so choose). Or will they force us to buy their wireless motion sensors. I think since we shelled out for the retrofit kit this should be included for the $$$ we paid on the retrofit kit.