Add feature of always on status lights on Ring Gen 2 Keypad

I think this is a nobrainer, please add the feature you have on the old Gen 1 keypads by letting us keep the status light, and possibly the numbers lit all the time while the keypad is plugged in. I was disapointed to see it doesnt work that way. It would be great as a option we can toggle on and off please


Without any light it appears dead. May switch back to prior keypad. Many alarm owners are by nature a bit paranoid so may check to see if alarm is on or off. Now I have to walk up to it; sucks when in bed.

I’m so surprised this doesn’t exist! I set the alarm off in the middle of the night letting the dog out because it was so dark out and nothing was lit up to remind me the alarm was on. This doesn’t seem like a feature that was requested to remove from gen 1 to gen 2?

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I want to bring this thread back to life. I got a 2nd gen keypad to compliment my 1st gen keypad, and I am extremely disappointed there is no option to have the mode light always on. Even when my alarm is armed, the mode light is not displayed! It is very annoying to have to walk up to my keypad to trigger the “motion activated light” to see if my alarm is active or not.

PLEASE add in the feature to enable/disable this light (or just make it always on like the 1st gen). Otherwise I think I’ll return this keypad and try to get my hands on another 1st gen.


I Agree 100%. Please add in this functionality.