Add Dog Facial Recognition function and Opt-In to enable animal rescue and return to owner

Dog facial recognition for motion sensor will change animal rescue and save lives!

Neighborhood DOG facial recognition and alerting is the next evolution of animal rescue. RING can save lives and instantly alert of missing pets. Owners would pay extra for a service that they can register their pets to enable local/state/nationwide searches for our fur babies.

Please consider adoption of this life saving tool, which can be monetized to improve your overall services!

Thank you!

Seems that if that technology is developed then it’d be used for humans first and not animals.
Also, why only dogs? Why not cats? Pigs? Cattle? Horses? Snakes? Monkeys?

Facial recognition programming necessary to recognize a dog can’t be used to recognize a human. You’d have to start over with an entirely different program. You are essentially suggesting that a Ford F150 can turn into an airplane while operating it. Also, in Florida, cats may roam and it is illegal to move them. It is the opposite for dogs. Inversely, a lost dog can get hurt, hit by a car, attacked by another animal, each of which can potentially cause the owner to receive a fine from animal services. Having a better way to find lost dogs is essential to the mental health and wellbeing of our fellow Americans. Saving lives is enough reason to do it.

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