Add Chime to Shared Ring Doorbell Pro?

Hi there - I live in a home with a Ring Doorbell Pro where I’m a shared user.

I find it super annoying that phone notifications are the only way to use Ring (what about when you want your phone on silent?!) so considering Chime.

Is it possible to add Chime to a Ring device that I’m a shared user of (rather than owner)? Can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere.

Also open to other suggestions if there are any. Overall not impressed with the Ring experience.


Hi @danyg! Shared users do not have access to alter the shared device’s settings. If a Chime was added, this would only work with a device that you own, and not a shared device. Check out our help center article about share users for more information.

While a Chime cannot be used, you may find some use in our article about shared users and Alexa! :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s what I figured re shared users, I’ll have to see if I can be made an owner.

I don’t use Alexa so that’s not an option. The home has 3 Fire HD 8 tablets but none of those are compatible with push notifications, therefore useless for Ring, hence looking at the Chime. Otherwise would need to buy a separate tablet just to use with Ring.

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Hi @danyg! I wanted to also clarify further about the Chime. A Ring Chime or Chime Pro is designed to communicate with your network, the Ring app, and the Ring device to be linked, during setup. This means a Chime must be at the same location as the Video Doorbell, in order to properly pair and link for communication. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks, makes sense, was just having a hard time finding this info online.

I bought a Chime so will need to get ownership of the Ring switched over to me and hopefully that solves it.

Having the Ring notify on my phone just doesn’t work for me (either too many notifications from various apps so I miss when someone is at the door, or I want notifications off completely).