Add ability to automatically arm/disarm at certain times

No schedules?! No ability to include in Alexa routines?! Bought 3 cams yesterday but they’re going straight back. Amateur hour is a long hour at Ring HQ.

Well, we finally got geofencing so at least they are taking notice. Scheduling is what I really need so I’m still waiting, but glad to see they delivered one major feature. Still can’t believe no scheduling. Heck my $10 Geenie smart lights have scheduling.

Ridiculous. I guess I have to return now.

Ahhhh just found these posts trying to figure out how I could set a schedule on my new ring system.

Surely this is easy to update???

Makes so much sense to have this

I’m on the same boat, power to the user, if auto arm is a concern for whatever reason, at the very least let us auto disarm in the morning. Heck verify that I’m home with the geofencing if you need to.

Auto arm scheduling makes more sense. If you forget to arm at night at least it goes on. I’ve used Auto arm with adt and it has saved my hide many times. Auto disarm imo is a bad idea.

This really needs to happen. Seems very simple. My last system had scheduled arm and disarm times. My furnace and AC have scheduled time to kick in. Hard to imagine you can’t get this figured out for the ring security system.

I don’t have the Alarm system, but this would be very valuable even for security cameras. I don’t need them on during the day. We need a scheduler to disarm. Setting up snooze or motion schedule is not the same as disarm. That just turns off notification and not recording. We need complete disarm scheduling.

Yes this a needed upgrade. I miss this ability from my old Lowes Iris system

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Yes, please add arm/disarm according to a user defined (daily) schedule.

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I would like this feature as well! To set the system into Home mode at night and disarm in the morning. Please add some of these requested features by your users!

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Please! I forget to disarm when we are in the yard as we have alerts turned off during the times we are outside. But I don’t need hours of my kids playing and killing the battery!

Almost a year since this one began, please make this happen…

Seriously, what a huge fly in your soup! No scheduling? Why wouldn’t you want this feature?

Hey there, neighbors! We greatly appreciate you all sharing your interests and feedback with our Community. Your feedback is important to us and we are constantly sharing it with our teams here, while they work to improve your experiences. We are happy to announce that the Alarm Modes Scheduling feature is currently rolling out to Alarm neighbors. To learn more about Scheduling your Ring Alarm to Arm and Disarm, check out Riley’s article here. Feel free to let us know what you think! :slight_smile:

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Nice job Ring! For all of the people here who say Ring doesn’t listen, here is another example of a feature that is highly requested getting implemented.


“Mode Schedule” at long last! Thankyou for implementing :slight_smile:

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are you able to change mode via voice commands with Alexa ? even better add to a routine like “goodnight” and the routine arms all cameras ?

I still don’t have mode schedules available in my Ring app.

Thanks for finally adding this. It works great EXCEPT when we’re out of town and now it’s arming and disarming automatically. The mode scheduling should only work when the alarm is disarmed. That way it won’t over-ride “AWAY” when you’re actually away.

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