Add ability to arm/disarm in an Alexa routine

It would be nice to have the ring alarm arm in home mode when I use my “good night” routine with Alexa–similarly to disarm with a routine in the morning. I don’t seem to be able to add these actions to an Alexa routine.


You can do this already with Alexa! I setup a routine so when I say “Set RING to home mode” it changes the mode to HOME and have Alexa announce that RING will be set to HOME mode in 30seconds. I use it every evening. You can also have Alexa set the mode to DISARMED as well but you will need to setup a (4) digit pin in the Alexa app. to disarm ring (I suggest a different code than your main code for the keypads)

@Zatt001 - can you confirm your integration is not just via the Ring skill? The skill works to atm and disarm as you describe, based on a voice command. The feature request described above is to allow Ring Alarm to be selectable within Routines. This has long been needed. For me, Ring Alarm is not available to be selected within Routines currently. Do you see something different?

This is what I want. I want to use it in Routines, but it is not available. I know how to do it with the separate voice command via the skill. I just don’t want to have to issue multiple voice commands for one logical activity (as defined by me).

i agree as well! hate saying my goodnight routine and then 5 seconds later telling her to arm my security system just because. Guard from amazon will turn on away mode, but their home mode doesn’t have an armed security system. I think amazon could help by adding at least one more mode to their Guard system (Off, Home, Away, Vacation?)

You can do this with Simple Commands and Alexa. Setup Simple Commands with Ring>create a routine in Simple Commands to Arm Ring>this will create a scene in Alexa>build/alter your routine in Alexa to include the arm scene routine.

This can easily be done within routine.

Just go to Add Action --> Custom --> Type in “set ring to home mode”


If in the morning, you want to disarm it, you can go to devices, chose the ring base station, allow it to be disarmed with voice controls… then use the following custom command as an action:

“set ring to disarmed mode; pin_number_here”

Thanks! That worked exactly as desired!

Perfect! That is the one. Previously I kept typing, “Alexa, set ring to home”. I didn’t need to restate Alexa. Works just as it should.

Annoyingly the Custom option as an action on a Routine isn’t available in the UK it sounds like a nice solution if you are in the US :frowning: