Add A Ring Solar panel to Extend Battery Life

I have a Ring Spotlight Camera and a Ring Solar Panel. When I checked the device health there is an area called Solar Panel Status. I have connected the Ring Solar panel to the Ring Spotlight camera but the status still say “Add A Ring Solar panel to Extend Battery Life”. I believe that the status should change once I connect the Ring Solar panel. Will you tell me what I am doing wrong?


Good question @SueLaaty! No need to be concerned by that message, as it is not an indicator of your Solar Panel failing to charge. This added feature is advertising the Solar Panel as an addition to your battery-powered devices. To be sure your Solar Panel is charging, It’s best to observe the battery percentage throughout a sunny day to see if the battery level is changing. I hope this helps!

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Whilst I appreciate the reply above, I don’t think it’s correct.

I’ve just installed two ring cameras, each with a solar panel. My Spotlight Cam is reporting the words “Add a Ring solar panel to Extend Battery Life” under the Solar Panel Status label.

However, my Stick Up cam, in the exact same place on the app says “Connected” under the Solar Panel Status label.

This leaves me worried that the one connected to the Spotlight cam is not working.


my cam says connected and add solar panel message went away. it is charging good.

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In the App under Device Health the is a line for Solar Penel Status. It has a note under it that states " Add a Rign solal penel to Extend Battery Life". Well I have a solar Panel attached to my camera adn the only way I know the panel is working is the batterys are staing charged at 100%. It would be nice to have some kind of message status unders Solar Penel Status, like connected, operational, so we know its working and connected.



I have the same issue.
I have connected a solar character to my ring doorbell 2.
The app still writes : add a ring solar device to extend battery life.
I am sure the battery life is not extended after the installation.
I checked the dolor and it is producing power. It is also correctly mounted.


I have same issue, battery life keep draining 3-5% a days, without the solar panel same thing, dropping 3-5%


Same problem here. Ring stick up camera outdoor connected to a solar panel. Doesn’t seem to be charging and the app says “Add A Ring Solar panel to Extend Battery Life”” like it doesn’t recognize that it’s plugged into a power source. Even during sunny southern california days. Is the panel broken?


Same issue here. Installed a solar panel to my spotlight cam. And I get the same msg in my app.


I’m also concerned, once the panel plugged in the spotlight cam, the app still display add solar panel…however it does charge…is it normal??

Same thing here ??‍♂️

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Here it does charge, went from 65 to 100 in less tahn 2 days, but i’d like to see in the app that the panel is indeed conncected

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We have the same situation here but it is however charging, it’s bit odd

The message is misleading. There is a section called Solar Panel Status. I have it installed as well and looking there to see the status doesn’t give me a status other than letting the consumer they installed the panel incorrectly. If it suppose to be an advertisement then there should be another section for stuff like that.


Hi There! Here , after installing the panel did not change anything in the app, we still get a message to install one to increase battery life…but it is charging for now. It would be helpfull to have a confirmation that the pane is hooked to the cam. One tech support told us not to worry that it would be addressed in an app update, the other one told us the panel is defective…Bit disapointing to say the least.

Stay well! :v:??

Do Ring support have a solution this issue? I’ve just returned my doorbell 2 solar charger and await the replacement. Reading all these posts, is there a major manufacturing defect? surely we can’t all be installing the charger incorrectly???


same here. until a couple wks ago, was charging and (living in FL) device was alway at 98-100%. solar is no longer charging. if i hardwire the USB cord to an outlet, my device charges all the way. plug back in the solar cable, and a wk later down to 89%.

i don’t want to buy a new solar panel just to have the same issue and find out it’s software.


IT is beyond me why Ring does not own this issue and corrects it!

Very disapointing to say the least.

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Hi Neighbors. This added feature is advertising the Solar Panel as an addition to your battery-powered devices. This message is not an indication of your solar accessory connection.

It’s best to observe the battery percentage throughout a sunny day to see if the battery level is changing. It’s important to cosider the factors that can cause battery to drain quickly , to ensure the solar charger can be most effective. Rest assured we’ve shared the feedback on the in app experience with the team.

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I don’t think you’re right, users of the stick-up cam are reporting that the app shows that the solar panel is connected and that is what a rep at ring also told me. You see if it worked properly it would be very usefull, we had a very sunny day yesterday and the charge of the battery did not increased…so i have no way to know if it is indeed connected and working properly. The panel appears to stop charging intermitently…It is not acceptable for ring to not address and fix this!

Stay well.