Add a mode where alarm can be disarmed but you can still enable/disable cams without having to go in to modes and disable individually

So I received my alarm system and have come across a couple questions. Is there a way to be able to arm and disarm my cams only without having to disable them individually? Here is the scenario, if for example I have a gathering or I’m going in and out of the house… I don’t want to receive alerts every time someone moves. But I don’t want to have to go and disable each cam every time. Before the alarm, I just did selected the mode and all was good in the world. Now in Disarmed I had to set it to enable cams even in disarm, and I receive notifications from cams that I normally have disabled and have to manually disable those. Same if I want them all disabled.

In the Ring app, click on the “moon” icon in the upper right and you can snooze your cameras.

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