Actually enable Spotlight on battery spotlight cam to work at night!

Ring, please actually enable spotlight to come on at night even if there is low ambient lighting - major deficiency!

One of the MAIN reasons I got the spotlight battery cam as opposed to doorbell options was the spotlight. I was fully expecting a natural feature to be the spotlight would come on at night with motion. Who wouldn’t looking at the website, reviews, ads and photos?! I was extremely disappointed to learn this is not always the case. If you have ANY amount of ambient lighting at night that illuminates the camera such as even a dim porchlight, even though you have the app set for Light on with Motion, the spotlight will NOT come on. The purpose of a motion security light built into a camera is to have that light come on with motion as a surprise factor for would-be burglars, etc. to help scare them off. Without this spotlight coming on, customers are not getting what would be expected to be an inherent feature. I believe this is a MAJOR deficiency with the spotlight battery cams and maybe even the floodlight cams which I understand from a post on the security cam board might also be true. Ring told me the only way to get the spotlight to come on is basically to not have the porchlight on, OR move it to a completely dark location. I think these are both really unreasonable solutions. Many folks like the added security/convenience of having a porchlight (or other) light on at night for security or expected guests, and there might not even be a completely dark spot on the property that allows one to still obtain the view you want in the first place.

So folks, upvote, like, and chime in if you agree. Ring… this has got to be an easy fix.