Activate Siren on all Camera’s and Alarm

100% agree, can’t believe they do not do it as standard


This is related to a forum help request (linking here rather than restating), where the pre-siren alarm status events played by the keypad are just too quiet - being able to use any of the products (Dome Siren, Ring Chime) for this purpose as an extender/amplifier is crucial.

I just assumed this would be one of the features that was built into the alarm system when I bought it so I was surprised to learn it wasn’t. This makes complete sense to me and I don’t understand why it wasn’t an original feature. I have five cameras with sirens built in surrounding my home so this would be a great option. Please make this happen!

I agree and we also need to have access to the dome sirens. Why does the U.K. store only have limited items for sale?

I’m massively disappointed that they don’t do this, I love the alarm but having sirens working outside would make a huge difference to the system

This must be posted every week - come on Ring, please make it happen we all want it!

Guys you’ve now redesigned your chime/chime pro… please focus on more water proof outdoor products such as a chime for outdoors. it would be incredibly useful for people with gardens away from the road when they are in them during summer.

Absolutely great idea! Please add!

An outdoor siren … needed!!!

I live in Canada. I used to have a DSC Wired alarm system with an Exterior enclosed siren.

I would like to continue to have an Exterior Siren with RING, but Dome Siren is only rated for as cold as 32F (0C). I plan to install in my Garage, it would still get below this temperature in the winter season.


My alarm just sounded because the kitchen motion sensor linked with the alarm base station detected motion. I also have a ring spot cam mounted in the kitchen and that did not detect any motion or record any event as the cams only link with the doorbell. It would be great if we could link the devices together for recording and alarm sounding purposes.

i still want an outdoor siren in U.K. as well as my walls are extremely thick and can hardly hear the alarm sounding outside.

p.s. I wouldn’t need to put motion detector in kitchen if ring provided a glass shock/break sensor. My sliding doors and windows do not need to be forced open to let someone in it’s easier to break the blasted glass.

Totally need to have at least flood cameras sound siren when ring alarm trips …

Agree wuith several others who said like this user noted:

“One of the things missing from the current Ring alarm that I had on my previous integrated system is an outside alarm. It would be excellent if we could blast the sirens of all our outdoor ring cameras if the ring alarm is triggered.”

Agreed, this is a much needed feature

+1. We can’t get a permit for the security sytem in our town without having a 110 candela strobe.

We need this . As we all know, the internal siren is not loud at all and Ring does not have an external siren

External siren option… please.

It would be nice if when my ring alarm is triggered it set the siren off on my floodlight cam outside on the drive. The neighbours would be informed there was something wrong in my house.


Bump - Still waiting on this feature to be added.

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Ring, we are waiting.