Account question

I have a ring account for my doorbell. How do I get my ring floodlight into that account?

Hey @David64. You’ll be happy to hear that your Floodlight Cam can be setup using the same Ring app and account your Doorbell exists on. Simply login, open up the main menu at the top left, and select “Set up a Device”. Follow the steps in the app for a successful setup. I Hope this helps, and thanks for ringing in the new year with Ring!

I set up my wife email address and now she can not set it and up on her phone can she delete it and start over

@millsjg If you are the owner of the device and the device is already registered on your account, you can simply add your wife as a shared user. You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center article here. If you have the device set up on your wife’s account but would like it on your’s, she can make you a shared user, or you can remove the device from the account and then set it up on the account that you wish to have be the owner’s account. Hope this helps!