Accessory Request: Medical Alert Pendant

I may have an elderly parent come to live with me, but I won’t be around at all times to help in the event of a fall or other medical emergency (eg. when I go to work). The Ring Alarm would be massively more valuable to me if you offered a small, discreet medical alert pendant with one button on it. When the button is held for, say, 2-3 seconds, the system would do some or all of the following (I would consider the first two to be mandatory):

  1. Immediately dispatch an ambulance to the home.

  2. Base station and keypad(s) announce at highest possible volume: first that the system received the alert, then confirmation that help has been summoned.

  3. Call (or send SMS) to the account contact number(s) to alert the subscriber that the medical alert has been triggered.

  4. Unlock a door lock that is under Ring control so that the ambulance crew isn’t slowed down and doesn’t have to damage the door to get in.

  5. Continuously flash all exterior lights that are under Ring control (to assist ambulance crew in finding the home quickly).

  6. Sound a unique tone on outdoor sirens, which could alert neighbors who have been briefed what that tone means. Pressing any keypad button silences sirens.

  7. Turn user-selected cameras on to continuous recording (video evidence protects everyone involved).

Keep the pendant small, simple and light weight. I wouldn’t use a rechargeable battery, as this would require removing the pendant for charging, leaving the wearer unprotected. There should be a blinking LED to indicate low battery state. Don’t use a chirp sound for this, as high frequency sounds are likely to be missed by elderly users with hearing loss (for example, my Dad can’t hear his watch alarm). A voice alert from the base station and keypad(s) might work for this also. Just be sure that the low battery indicator gives adequate notice to obtain and install a replacement.

The pendant should be waterproof, so it can be worn while bathing. Maybe this means it has to have a non-replaceable battery. As long as the battery lasts a year or two, and the pendants are resonably priced, I wouldn’t object to replacing the whole thing when its battery is exhausted; it’s that important. You might consider a setting in the customer’s Ring account that allows the low battery state to trigger automatic shipment of a replacement pendant. In any case, new pendants should ideally be paired to the user’s Ring Alarm before shipping.

This pendant accessory would be popular in multi-generational households, with older customers who live independently and in situations where someone has a medical condition which puts them at risk of needing emergency help. There are a number of similar devices already on the market, but many of them require expensive monitoring and some are run by shady companies that prey on older people’s fears. Having this capability added to the Ring ecosystem would be huge. Thanks!


I second this great request !


I’d even pay extra fee for this as an add-on to monitoring plan.


Thanks for this suggestion, neighbors!


I couldn’t agree more based how pleased I am with the Ring system I intalled at my mother’s home, it would so awesome to have this as anaccessory to the sytem and the peace of mind.

What can our Ring Coumminty do to help facilate making this a realty?


My husband and I are getting to the age when we could use a wearable device that makes it easy to call for help. Since we already have a lot of Ring devices, this would be a great addition.


I completly agree. I’m in the process of looking at options for my parents, and would love to setup a Ring Alarm System, based on how pleased I am with my own. With that said, I’d like to avoid using an unrelated system for a medical alert device. I live 4 hours away, and want to ensure they get the medcial responses they may need, while I am also alerted.

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Would love to see this happen!

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I agree completely as I am researching a Medic Alert for my mother that has an app that contact me directly or through a monitoring stystem, instead of 911 and quite frankly there are none on the market.

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+1 would be great if it ran without the need for the alarm system,working to the ring app somehow

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This is an outstanding and detailed suggestion. I would add the ability to program the new Ring Panic Button in the same way or to have a panic button with 2 buttons, one for emergency services and one to contact a caregiver first.


I’m using the Amazon Care Hub to help out with my Mom. I thought they already had a pendant . Disappointing. I’ll have to use a panic button and hope that’s enough for now.


I also use the Amazon Care Hub, great service, particularly when you add the motion sensors to the Flex. And I did two more things. 1) Put an alexa device in every room. 2) Added an Echo Connect to the landline. So as long as my mom can speak, she can call me, or can also just say “Alexa call 911” (which you can do if you have the Connect and a land line). Probably better than a button she would have to wear.


Hi neighbors! Thank you for the reinforcement on this great request. We are constantly sharing your feedback with our teams here. Please make sure to visit our Feature Request Board and add your interest, or votes, to any matching requests for this there as well. :slight_smile: