Accessing videos from earlier in the month.

I only seem to be able to access videos from the past 24 hours. I can see the video in timeline view on the app, but when I log in to my account, only the past 24 hours of video is accessible. The instuctions say to go to which I had already done, and look under the dashboard tab. But when I go to that page and login, there is no tab visible labled Dashboard. How do I access videos from the past 30 days that atre supposed to be included in my plan?

Hi @mbertuccelli. Just to make sure I have it correct, you can see everything from the app, but not from, correct? What browser are you using? We have had this report come from multiple neighbors over the past month, specifically on Google Chrome, and our teams are working on improving the viewing experience on at this time, but you may still see a limited viewing ability from during this time while they work on improvements.