Accessing Ring Video Doorbell Pro using Alexa app for Windows 10

We have both the Ring and Alexa apps installed on our Windows 10 PC. We can access our Ring Video Doorbell Pro from our Amazon Echo Show with Alexa, but not our PC. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Hey @LemonPeeler. As long as you are logged into the correct Ring account, you should be able to see your Ring Video Doorbell Pro on your Windows PC app. If you are not seeing it, please remove the Ring app from your PC, restart your PC, and then reinstall the app. Once reinstalled, log into the app on your PC and let me know if you see the Doorbell there. If you do not, please attach a screenshot of what your app looks like when you log in.

Thank you for the reply, Chelsea. The Ring device has always shown in our Alexa app on Windows 10. The problem is that it is inaccessible. In our uploaded screen capture, the Ring device is labeled FRONT DOOR. After further research, an article on the Ring website for ALEXA support seems to infer that the Alexa Mobile Phone app cannot access the camera and, from this, we assume the PC app cannot either. This is too bad, since we can access the Ring Video Doorbell Pro just fine from the Amazon Alexa Echo Show. Not sure why we can’t access it from the apps also, but sure would be helpful if we could.

Somewhat perplexing, is the fact we can access all our Wemo plug controls from the Alexa app on the PC as you can see from our uploaded screen capture. The Ring device in the screen capture is inaccessible on both the Alexa PC app and the Mobile app. However, the Bose Speakers and the Logitech Harmony Hub are accessible on the Alexa Mobile app but, as you can see, are not accessible from the Alexa PC app. Not quite sure why there are so many incompatibilities. Hope they are addressed soon!


CAPTURE - Alexa Windows 10 PC app .pdf (4.6 MB)

@LemonPeeler Thank you for the clarification! I apologize as I was a bit confused, and thought you were meaning that you could not access the Pro from the Ring app, not the Amazon Alexa app. The integration between Amazon’s Alexa App and the Ring devices is a work in progress that we are hoping has full integration in the future. It’s great that you can at least see the Doorbell from your Show device, as this is the most important feature we’ve made sure to have fully worked out for our neighbors so that you can see who is at your Front Door. We are constantly working to integrate fully on all fronts, so I encourage you to do any changes you will need for the Doorbell through the Ring app in the meanwhile.

Overall, thank you again for this feedback! I’m passing on this information to the appropriate team that works on the integration. This information is very important to them, as they need to know what our neighbors are looking for, and also what other companies are already doing. Hope you have a great rest of your week!

I have the same problem in that I cannot access the Ring doorbell whilst in Win 10 Alexa app. Alexa just says that it is not accessible on this device.

I suggest somebody gets this sorted asap. I have 4, soon to be 6, Stick Up Cams and a Ring Doorbell, I want them accessible from all my devices not just a phone. The Ring adverts suggest it is simple to access your home cameras, but it is not at all !

I have had to give all the cameras and doorbell static IP addresses as the so called easy setup was abysmal and did not work correctly. It took so long to access the doorbell whoever rang the bell had long gone.