Accessibility of the ring app

hi everyone, so I am totally blind and use the ring video doorbell pro 3. I use a screenreader called voiceover on the IPhone screen which reads everything out to me. now up until a few months ago, when someone rang my doorbell, i could just double tap on the notification, (you have to double tap on everything with voiceover, that’s just how it works,) and once you had double tapped, you would be live, and talking to that person and it was great, so I could tell them to leave my parcel with a neighbour, etc etc. then a few months ago, an update came out and that broke. now, when someone rings the doorbell, I have to double tap on the notification, then swipe around on the screen to the mic button, double tap on that, then find the speaker button, double tap on that. by the time the app is set up, the person has already left and walked away. If there was any way to revert back to the previous setting, that’d be amazing, because myself and several friends are really struggling with the app now.