Access Controller Pro 2 does not connect to any Ring products

This product is advertised for “remote gate management”; “built-in cellular network”; “works with Ring products - see who is at your gate”. This is all FALSE!

Yes, this product will open a gate over a cellular network. But you cannot connect any Ring products to it. I have confirmed this through Ring customer support. If you want to have a camera or Ring doorbell at your gate, you must have a wi-fi signal. In other words, the camera image, motion sensor or press of the doorbell button cannot be transmitted over the built-in cellular. Without wi-fi, how do you know when someone is at your gate, to open it?

I am sure that this would work just fine if you have a wi-fi signal at your gate. But if you do, you can use a $20 MyQ to open the gate - $280 less and you don’t have to pay a $200 annual fee to operate it.

I am simply bewildered that Ring would offer a product so worthless for the advertised purpose. If it is intended only for gates with existing ethernet or wi-fi service, then the description should be changed entirely.

Did you use a recommended technician in your area to install it? If not, then it could be you don’t have it configured correctly.