Access Code Longer Than 4 Digits

Agree, should be more than 4 digits

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Agreed, cant believe we’re still waiting on this…

How hard is this though? I don’t believe it’s technically tough to do. Why still no updates?

Spent my whole life designing large scale applications and can only assume a legacy code problem here (pretty unlikely for quite a new system) … or utter stupidity of the product management and architects. There should be a global setting for the number of required digits. Number of tries to find the code goes down significantly with number of users, because the app enforces a different pin for every user. 4 users → only 2500 trues. 10 users → 1000 tries. 10 users is not an unlikely number. How difficult can that implementation be, for heavens sake. Newest features were Geofence, Calendar for modes, Language selection for guests, DND override for the App. Is it true that all of those features are more important than a feature that is security relevant? I’ll report this to support as well. If I don’t get a response, I’ll post this on Amazon.

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This is probably the most important feature request for smart lock users with Ring. Especially since the same 4 digit code will disarm the alarm.

It can be extremely easy to guess a 4 digit code when you have inconsistent wear on the keypad.

FWIW, many banks do allow longer pins and some require pins to be at least 6 digits.

I have been using August Lock system due to the problem of ring having only 4 digits. Agust lock offers more and much better features. I have now been waiting 2 years for this to improve and we still have not improved this.

Agreed! I don’t understand why we cannot use six digit codes. We can enter up to 250 codes, which would make it worthless with only 4 digits.


There must be an aging middle manager at Amazon that can’t comprehend of people being able to remember more than 4 digits, embarrassing for this company.

Wow this thread is spot on. Just bought my new ring alarm and was wondering how to change it so there isn’t the same code for lock and alarm or a longer code for the lock itself.

This is horrible. Surprising why it takes so long to implement a huge value add feature.

Need to consider if I want to keep it or not, or just return it

Ring, please address this or provide an update. If there are no plans at this time to implement this feature, could you please communicate that? If I’m missing where this request was acknowledged elsewhere, could you point me to that post? Otherwise, if increasing security code complexity beyond 4 digits is in development, do we have an estimated release?


Any update on this feature?

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The concept of using the keypad code as a lock code is an interesting one. A four digit keypad code can be OK. But a 4 digit lock code is never ok.

Perhaps as an interim step you could allow managing lock codes that are independent of the keypad codes.

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This needs to be an update! Frustrating.

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This should be high priority. It should also be quite easy to implemented, a couple of lines of codes and it should be good do go…
I hope the dev team gets around to do this

This really buzzkills the smart lock integration in the biggest way. Ultimately one would put in an 8 digit code, unlock the door by the Ring app and sleep well at night knowing that statistically improbably that anyone would be able to guess the 8 digit code.

Huuuuuuge security flaw… Huuuuuge

So this still hasn’t been fixed?

Just installed my Yale Lock and am similarly dismayed at the 4 digit codes. Please fix this

4 digits is not enough if you have separate users for family, sitters, etc… Not when that code in one step can not only unlock your house but disarm your alarm. Most door locks allow 6 to 8 digits. Even some alarm panels now support 6 digit codes. 2Gig Edge supports up to 6 digits. Qolsys IQ4 supports 6 digits. Of the big three alarm brands, only Honeywell is still behind. Ring needs to update this.

How many digits does your PIN number have for your debit card? 4?! Woooow that’s plenty secure. No one is breaking into your house. Calm down, 2 more digits isn’t going to make a difference.