Accepting Solutions in the Community

In the Ring Community, each post can have one reply marked as the “Solution.” This helps other neighbors easily find the best answer to the post. Once a reply has been marked as a “Solution,” it will appear at the bottom of the first and original post and have a check mark on the thread’s title to help others easily identify the solution. You can see an example of what this looks like below:

Why mark solutions?

Marking a solution helps your fellow neighbors easily find the reply that will best help them, rather than having to look through all the comments. Also, it is a great way to show the neighbor who replied with the answer that you appreciate their support. Often times you will see Community Moderators mark their post as a solution if we see an ongoing trend or asking for more information from neighbors on a concern.

Who can mark solutions?

The original neighbor who asked the question can mark the reply as a solution. When they are sure that a reply is the best answer to help the poster, a Community Moderator or SuperUser can mark an accepted solution as well.

How do I mark a solution?

Just click the “ :white_check_mark: Solution” button in the bottom right corner of the reply, see the example below:


Can I mark my own reply a solution? Should I?

Absolutely, if you figure out the answer someplace else offline and it is the best solution, please reply to the post to share this knowledge with your fellow neighbors!


Please ask them by replying below :slight_smile:

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