Absolutely Wost Customer Service In The World

Ring customer service has gone from being one of the best to the absolute worst customer service that I have ever experienced in the world.
I own 7 of there cameras and I have been trying to upgrade three off them and replace two of them, because they are broken.
Not working to there full potential for about a month now.
I was supposed to receive brand new cameras, but I received one brand and the rest refurbished.
I called them and tell them and first I get people that want to argue with me, before letting me speak with a manager as I requested in the beginning.
Not o mentioned that I am left holding for at least an hour and then hung up on, before getting a manager.
Then the manager is not helpful they pick up were the last person left off with all of the Incompetent things that they say and do.
They in the end promise me new cameras, but I always get one new and two refurbished cameras.
One of the new camera was sent and it doesn’t work and they had me outside on my porch at 3am back and forth until 4:15am until I refused to go back out there any more to deal with that camera.
Each time someone comes to put up these cameras for me I told them it cost me a $150.00 and so far he has been here 3 times and has to come back, because 4 more cameras must be put up, but I’m still waiting for a brand new camera.
I’m also waiting for them to pick up 5 refurbished cameras and the 2 broken cameras, but they are taking there time about that also.
They have given me so much stress, anxiety that I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown from all of this madness.
I hate that I ever purchased anything from this company!! I used to tell my family and friends about it in a good way.
I will continue to tell everyone that I met about it now, but it certainly will not be in a good way.

Sorry to hear about your frustrations. A lot depends on who you get on the phone which is unfortunate but can be quite common with lots of businesses. In general, it does seem however that phone support is not what is used to be before the Amazon acquisition so hopefully Ring is taking note of neighbor experiences.

As for refurbished vs. new, I had thought the warranty allowed for new replacement but I do believe they will send either refurbished or new, depending on what is on hand. It was reasonable to try to request new and you should make a case that you can’t afford any problems with refurbished units as you are paying someone to install them for you.

If all else fails, you could try a letter direct to their office but I would give them another shot, tell the agent upfront what you have been through, and ask for a manager right away before even going into the whole history of your problem. Ask for their name and document it. I hope you can get resolution. Post back with how it goes and good luck.

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Thank you for reaching out to me I appreciate the fact that you understand what I have been going through.
Each time I contact Ring I ask for a manager and I received the absolute worst customer service in the world. They were just as bad as their support team/staff.
I finally got some one that wrote me a very nasty email from higher up telling me that I wasn’t going to get anything else :upside_down_face:
However after many emails back and forth he finally called me on the phone and we had a very nice conversation.
He said that he had listened to some of the voice recordings and he could hear that I received some very bad treatment.
He said that he was taking care of it and he took care of my issue.
I appreciate him calling me and listening to me and understanding what I actually needed :relieved: :100:
However I received the surprise of my life yesterday after thinking :thinking: every thing was taking care of some one decided to charge me $100.00 for a false fee alarm.
The problem with that is I don’t have any alarm systems in my house.
I had to call my bank to have it disputed while waiting for Ring to remove it.:thinking:
I swear I can’t win with this company :unamused:

Hi. I’m confused. How can they charge you $100? Were you set up for auto-renew or something. That doesn’t seem right. Do you have the contact info for the nice manager that had helped you out? Early on I had some frustrations and actually wrote to the address I gave you. A special team based in the USA handles letters and someone called me to resolve the issue - so you can always try that if all else fails.

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