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What happened to the Feature Request Board section that was taken down? there was nothing wrong with that page.

Agree. What the hell happened to the Feature Request Board?

It used to be so nice, now it is horrible!!!


How do we even vote for our requests anymore?

Before, all we had to do to vote was to click on the nice Thumbs Up icon.

Now, that icon is gone… What is going on?

Is this sabotage because Ring doesn’t want anyone to know what the number 1 feature requests are?

There is a workaround to determine that information now, but it is much more hidden than before.

The new Feature Request board is very bad. Please restore it to how it was last month. thank you

From what I can tell, you have to now click on the Feature Request board from your account settings, then click TOP and then ALL TIME in order to see the TOP 10 Requests of All time. It was much nicer before.

This new Feature Request Board can only be described by one word, and that word is :nauseated_face: PUKE :nauseated_face:.

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We appreciate the feedback, neighbors! Not to worry, the Feature Request Board is still available, with existing content, and new improvements. As we are always looking to improve our neighbors’ experience, we’ve recently moved Ring Community to a new platform. You might notice some differences, in which our Community 101 New Member Guide has many helpful tips for getting familiar with the new Community. :slight_smile:

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The ‘VOTE’ button in the top left corner, near the title of the post acts the same as the thumbs up from the previous Feature Request board @RingMaster2

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A post was split to a new topic: Increase Neighbors app radius

Jennifer, I don’t always see a Vote option at the top of every post (yes I am looking in the top left corner next to the title). I see them on the feature requests turned posts I voted on in the past, but not other posts. Is there some special sauce to finding the vote on posts asking for a feature enhancement?

Hi there, @HotFix! The vote button and vote counter box can be found at the top left hand corner, when viewing the original request post in the Feature Request board. If you are viewing a longer thread on a feature request, for instance, you will want to scroll up to the original post. This can be done quickly via the page scroll/ slider on the right side of threads with multiple pages.

You can also click on the post title or vote number shown in the blue header of the Community page when viewing a feature request. Clicking on the displayed number of votes in this header (to the right of categories/tags and under the post title) will bring you right to the top and to the vote button, as will clicking the title of the post. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

When will ring be implementing a scheduling option for modes?
It is only common sense to have the ability to schedule modes!
There are over 50 posts requesting this but not one response from ring speaking to this.
I am very unhappy with the ring product so do you only want to move product or do you want to provide a product that is truly functional for the end user? Ring has had plenty of time to put mode scheduling in place SO DO IT!

Can you please make the event history on the cameras searchable, ie, I can narrow the results to a certain time frame and dates?


AGREED / 2ND on this suggestion (which I was on here to suggest myself). I’m usually scanning my event history for the later night / early morning times when the creepers come out, so being able to filter by a time range would save a lot of time.

The new firmware update is horrible. My disarm button flashes every minute or so I’ve had to remove the keypad from our living room area. Also now the battery light/button is disabled and I cannot be sure that my keypad is plugged in. Between kids and pets it periodically becomes disconnected. Now I cannot tell, please reverse this update. Or at least make these options customizable like allowing to show internet connection. For now mine is in a box and I may look for other options.