Abominable Customer service

What hell of a kind of service is this???
About a year ago, maybe less, I don’t remember, I had a two-party email, and I just sent an email to the same address, but a while later I got an auto-reply message telling me support is no longer sent via emails.
So, I turned to the webpage to find some place to convey my message, but only option is to call you, and that I will just simply not do, partially because the doorbell isn’t mine, and possibly other difficulties like authentication (which the email I tried sending described), and also the language barrier, depending on the language spoken.

I’ve noticed that many companies turns away from actually helping their customers by resorting to DIY-help, and tons of, often unusable help, and removing all means of contact, except for the cumbersome ones, like calling (Which probably in turn is automated with some either speech synthesized voice with recognition, or press a number to choose options, and some algorithm to accidentally drop the odd customer or add waiting time).

This is the worst business model ever, as no one wants to sit and click for minutes to find what they’re after, then just gives up in despair like many do.

In the email I tried to send, I had names and other credentials that the community board can’t help with, nor is it suitable to put those in here.