Ability to use live view and the timeline on the website

It would be greatly desirable and appreciated if live view, and also all features of the timeline in general could be used on the website. This would be wonderful for various situations where mobile phone usage is not permissible and also neither is the Windows 10 store.


I too would love to see Live View on the web, and the timeline would be gravy. Thanks!

I too would love to see live view. Also, multiple cameras at the same time…

Nest already has this and switched to Ring thinking that this was a common feature, so didn’t think anything of it till you don’t get it. Well what else is missing that I had from my Nest Hello.

I hope Amazing is listening and adds this soon, otherwise they might lose customers to Google. Not sure if I will switch back since I didn’t use the feature often, but it does come in handy when you need it.

I was about to suggest the same thing when I came across this post! This would be amazing as we have multiple monitors set up around the house and it would be great to be able to live stream our streetview security camera :slight_smile:

Live View and timeline from the website interface, these are very important needed features. We have numerous cameras and locations and our eyes are not young (50+). Having to do things from the phone app is especially challenging with older eyes and less steady hands. A 6.5" phone screen is far too small of targets and visual real estate to work in. We have 50" monitors connected to our 17.3" laptops for this very reason. Please add these needed features soon. Features need to be tested and have focus groups that include more than just 20 and 30 year old’s who write most of the code. Older eye need to be part of the focus groups. Thanks for reading.

Similar here. Do we know how can you view the timeline events on the web?