Ability to turn on Spotlight Cam LIGHTS with Alexa

It’s a bit disappointing that one can’t use Alexa to turn on the lights on Spotlight Cams. This would be helpful at night when you want to see full color on your spotlight cams. Yes, I can turn the embedded lights for the spotlight cams on via the Ring app, but the whole reason we got an Echo Show 5 was so that we had voice-activated touch free visibility into our Ring system. You can use Alexa to turn on floodlights (both “independent” floodlights and those connected to a floodlight cam,) but, apparently, Alexa can’t do that with the Spotlight cam lights. Hopefully this is something that can be developed in the future! And, yes, we’ve tried having Alexa turn on individual cam lights, turn on a full group of cam lights and even “turn on all lights”. Even the latter will only turn on our floodlights.