Ability to “snooze” lights on motion detection

Would like to have the ability to “snooze” the lights on flood cams and stickup cams in the Ring App. Snoozing alerts based on motion is nice but if you’re trying to enjoying the evening ambience (like a fire pit or candlelight in your backyard), the lights turn on every time motion is detected. I’ve
change the settings to decrease the field of vision and time on after detection, however they are still a buzz kill. The ability to simply snooze the lights similarly to the motion alert snooze feature would be great! Thank you!

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It is amazing there is no way to manage the lights turning on when there is motion. Seriously, why does it seem so difficult to control the lights on the flood lights. It’s maddening. Please give us the option, some of us use the floodlights around pools and other areas that you might want to move around without lights turning in every 5 minutes.

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Would this work,

Enhance “Snooze motion on all cameras” Mockup

Refer to this new feature request.