Ability to Set Brightness Level When Creating a Schedule for solar pathlight

App states that you can edit after creating the schedule, but when you go to edit their is no way to change the brightness.


I noticed the same exact thing. How can I adjust the brightness level of a light configured with a schedule?

I was shocked that this wasn’t available and disappointed now that I have them installed. I understand this may be to conserve battery life, but the light is way too dim for what is available through the Light Schedule option. Please add this and allow us to determine length/brightness based on our battery life available.

This is something that I would also like. Right now after an hour of daylight all my lights are at 100% power so I would love to adjust the lights to be brighter as I know they can take it.

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Agree! Understand that it uses 2-2.5% in the lowest setting but I only want to use the lights from 8pm to Midnight and have it be brighter than what it is today. When guests come over I will have to turn them on manually to show how awesome and bright the lights are. I understand with motion they can be made brighter but I want my house and landscaping to be illuminated IF I have the battery life to do so and I have plenty of battery to increase the lumens 20-50%.

You could also have an error message in the app that warns the user that the selected brightness will kill the light by the brightness + hours you have selected. You have a great product and want to show it off!

I concur. This is pretty annoying.

at the usual scheduled brightness setting, you can barely see my lights over LA light pollution and the crazy bright street lights.

adjusts, as the app states are available, would be great.

Any updates on this a year later?! installed mine yesterday and the brightness makes it so the light arent even worth it.

Solar Pathway Light is totally useless as a driveway light. These lights aren’t supposed to be a security light even thought they have motion. What happens when you cancel motion on all your driveway lights and you try to leave at night at 1.2 level of brightness come on. Code much?

I’ll be sending the 8 solar pathlights back since the brightness level for dusk to anything is not worth crap. Pointless to have them as landscape lights at all.