Ability to see Zwave signal strength actual db values in app

After setting up my Ring Alarm, I am absolutely baffled to find that there is no indication of Zwave signal strenght in Db between devices in the app. I have noticed that ocasionally there will be a red circle icon stating that there is a weak connection to base station, however that is not very helpful at all. Even with multiple range extenders plugged in, I am still randomly getting weak signal warnings. There should be some info in the ring app as to what device is connected to what eg (connected to range extender or base station). The ability to choose if a device connects to range extender or base station would also be helpful. I have found that ring support have access to this info, so don’t see why this can’t be added to the app. I am sure many users including myself have the experience to setup our devices optimally with this info available, without having to contact support everytime.