Ability to Reboot Devices From App

Ok. I saw several topics voting for this feature since 2018 and still haven’t been implemented. I had bad weather in my area and power was on and off then came off completely for several hours. When power was back on, 7 out of 12 ring cameras were connected to wifi and the other 7 were off completely despite me trying to reset the modem and routers. I also shut off the main breaker for several minutes to reset but the cameras still not connected.

I know the only way to solve this issue is to press the button on top of the camera, but seriously? I have a two-story house and most of my cameras mounted at the corners near the roof so now I have to climb way the hell up there just to press the button. Come on Ring, you can just add this feature to the next app update and I don’t see why a big company like this couldn’t solve this minor issue.

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