Ability to reboot devices from app

FYI this same request was submitted awhile back: https://community.ring.com/t5/Feature-Request-Board/Ability-to-reboot-devices-from-app/idi-p/23717

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I have the same issue. What I just tried was turn off People Mode. It seems to be fine now.

If you have this issue your router has been hacked, it is not the fault of the cameras themselves, as you can see via the camera still reporting it’s status as online even though it is not. I was able to fix this with the new Google Nest WiFi, it came out in October & auto applies updates just make sure you turn on Google Reporting so they can collect analytics see if it is hacked in the future. Would you rather have a random hacker with all your data or Google with just what they need to improve the firewalls?

They are playing with you w/the battery reinstall thing sorry, replace that old router with something that live updates.

Agreed. Camera should be able to re-boot remotely. Currently you have to be home and connect to the Ring wifi. Impossible to do this at work or other locations outside home. Do other manufacturer’s have this ability? If yes, I will seriously consider getting a different manfacturer’s doorbell camera.

Hi neighbors! You can now reboot your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera from the Ring app as long as it is still online and connected to the internet. You can read more in our Help Center Article here. If you’re experiencing any concerns with the performance of your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera, you can use this feature to reboot it from within the Ring app as a troubleshooting step. As with all new features, this is on a slow rollout so you may not see the feature in your Ring app yet. :slight_smile:

How does this work? I don’t see this in the app. There is no reboot option.

The ring app should allow you to reboot the camera from the app. This would address some of the issues Ring cameras are having with mesh routers or at least provide relief.

So under device health I see no reboot. In device Settings I see no reboot. I don’t see anything called device health settings. Can you provide more detail?

I’m using the apple version of the app. I don’t have that option for the door bell, stickup camera, spotlight cam, floodlight cam.

Looks like RING removed the ability to reboot as I don’t have that option. Under the tools it only has the following options: Test your wifi, troubleshoot notifications, ring system status, and device health report.

Caitlyn_Ring -

How can you tell if a Ring device has actually rebooted?

Is the reboot process the same as “Setup Mode” and/or a “Hard Reset”?

In a Ring Help Center article titled “How to Reboot your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera from the Ring App”, it indicates that “Your device will begin to reboot which may take a few minutes.”

When I attempted to reboot a Ring device, however, a message was displayed almost immediately saying “Reboot successful! Now your (Ring model name) is ready to use.” (In other words, I did NOT have to perform any steps after tapping the “Reboot This Device” button – such as supplying a WiFi password.)

pdude -

Which OS version of the Ring app are you using?

In the iPadOS version of the Ring app, I displayed the Device Health screen for a couple of different types of Ring products and confirmed that the “Reboot This Device” option is the final item at the bottom of the screen. (You may have to scroll down to see it.)

At least it only took 2 years to implement this feature….