Ability to reboot devices from app

My solar stick up cam will not go to live after I have reconnected to live over and over about ten times. I sometimes do this with my front yard cam keeping an eye out for the mail delivery. After about ten times it won’t go to live anymore. The easy fix is a power cycle and it is back to working right away. I just take the battery out and put it back in. At first I had the camera mounted up high but I then moved it down so I would not need a ladder. I called tech support but she was clueless. I think this is built in to limit the number of times you can reconnect to live.

This feature IS AVAILABLE on Nest/Google cameras and smart displays, so why not on RING devices. My home is a mix of both brands. I’m at a loss why I have to climb a ladder, undo a battety, plug the battery back in, to perform a soft-reset… Which obviously can be done with a simple APP implementation. GOOGLE did it… Ring are you going to do it?

This is one of the most ANNOYING and IDIOTIC things about Ring Video products… that I have to climb on ladders every time the wifi briefly loses signal! It is 2022, are you freaking kidding me?!

Makes me want to throw all Ring products in the trash.

Yes, you should be able to reset camera remotely!

+1 for adding the ability to reboot devices from the app. This seems like a basic function found on most smart home devices. Why isn’t Ring up to date with this basic functionality?

I agree, need to add Restart Ring devices remotely to the app.
My Doorbell Pro Audio stopped working. Support wanted me to factory reset and loose all settings. I disconnected power to “Restart” instead of resetting it and it worked again.
Many other apps allow you to restart devices, like Linksys Velop

Aahhh, if your doorbell froze up then you wouldn’t have been able to reboot it via the app even if it had the reboot feature.
Just saying . . .

Having an issue right now where advice is to reboot camera. So I either need to pull breaker (not the end of the world) or hop on ladder and reset. Doing through app - including hard reset would be nice.

Also does Ring ever comment or respond to these threads? I see so many feature request threads with little or no commenting by Ring. Sort of feels like defeating purpose?

Ring DEVs do not comment on feature requests.
If the feature receives enough votes they’ll evaluate it and will only announce the feature when it is generally released to everyone.

I have a floodlight pretty high up and need a ladder to reset it from time to time. Begged for this feature for years. I ended up buying a “Shelly One 1” wifi relay switch. Wired up my floodlight connection to the relay switch which is connected to the power-source. Now have the ability to restart the unit remotely within the Shelley app, Smartthings, Google Home, Alexa. Can even set routines, schedules in app or smarthome devices to reboot daily if needed. Best thing I spent $15 since I bought the flood light. Will work for any ring device that is hardwired up to 15amps.

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