Ability to reboot devices from app

Likewise, I contacted Ring directly via Twitter many months ago, and I can’t see how/why this hasn’t been implemented yet. At the very least you would expect this to be a debug feature - utterly ridiculous that a device has to be manually reset every time it connects to the wrong/weak node of a wireless network. One wonders how such a valuable company can get the basics so wrong…

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I agree 10000%. It’s extremely inconvenient and painful process to get up the ladder to press the re-set button.
I don’t see the mind set of the engineers as to what they were thinking when designing this product…

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Could not agree more. I’m a 70+++ old lady and I can’t climb ladders which actually bars oldies from being able to use these products. It’s age discrimination. I’ve paid for this system, and for someone to set it up only to find I can’t use it as my WiFi password has changed. In this day and age it should be simple to just change the setting on the app. Why aren’t RING doing something about it?


Yes this is important and odd that we cannot do this with the app.

Those reset buttons are often quite a hassle to get to. Such as climbing ladders, or removing security screw and faceplate from doorbell.

And of course, impossible if you are traveling.

With Ring you’re always home? Not exactly…

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just a suggestion in case you hadn’t thought of it. Connect your camera etc to smartplugs. Once your internet connection is restored, you could possibly reboot your camera’s etc by rebooting your smartplugs. That’s what I do for one of my non ring cameras.