Ability to change the sound on video doorbell - PLEASE!

Please can you implement the ability to change the Ring Video Doorbell tone, preferably to match the options supported in the app, and on the Chime devices.

A lot of customers clearly don’t like the default sound, and (based on conversations I have with friends and colleagues), it is a key reason why people choose the Nest doorbell over the Ring doorbell.

I have been working in product management for around 10 years, so I’m well aware of the lead times to implement new features in software, apps, firmware and hardware, but I have to say, I’m very surprised that a key feature like this was missed in the first place. I’m even more surprised that despite the numerous customer complaints on your site (from over a year ago) that this feature is still not available. Is there some issue with the hardware preventing this feature from being developed/released?

Agreed, I would have chosen Nest if only they had an effective chime system. I suspect Ring only have this forum to give the illusion that customer feedback matters.

I’ve given plenty of direct feedback via customer service (e.g. ability to soft-reboot devices to fix connection problems, etc) many months ago and - sadly - Ring have yet to implement these or share a roadmap that proves their products will match or exceed competitors.