Ability to change home location (lag/long) on Ring Neighborhood Map

Currently my home is not showing up correctly on the map in the ring neighbors app. When I try to move the home to my correct neighborhood, all I can do is set a radius around the home for notifications. The home is physically in the wrong area and I have no way to move that home to the right location, therefore making the radius for notifications useless. Please allow us to update that map location with actual coordinates for edge cases like this. Otherwise the entire feature is useless. Thank you.

I too am having the same issue and have tried a couple of times to delete the app and reset up and it still uses the last location on the map.

can someone help with this issue in neighbors map?

I have the same issue. Disabled the feature since the area is 12 miles away from where I live and the notices are irrelevant.

Got no resolution from the help desk either. May change to another door bell camera as by the time I get a notification it is too late to activate and talk to someone.