Ability to Arm/Disarm at certain times - for cameras and doorbells too!

Now that Ring implemented arm/disarm scheduling for the alarm system based on overwhelming feedback and votes, can those of us that have cameras and doorbells likewise upvote this request? I, for one, like being able to Arm (Home Mode) at night, and Disarm the cameras, during day, and having this same feature for the cameras and doorbells makes total sense and should be a simple implementation given Ring has already done this very same thing for the alarm systems. (Note, currently you can NOT do this with Motion Scheduling which only turns off motion alerts, but does not turn off recording.)

Please comment and upvote if you agree! Thanks!

This is needed badly. Absolutely ridiculous that they only brought this feature for the Ring Alarm System. As if people that have Ring doorbells and cameras have no use for this. Well I am here to say that there is a use for this with the video doorbells and cameras. Eg. If I know I’m going to be outside for awhile I want to disarm the camera so I don’t 1. Get a ton of notifications and 2. have a bunch of useless recordings of myself or my family. I disarm the camera, and I will forget to rearm or set to away. Support’s answer is you should use Motion Snooze. I don’t want to use Motion Snooze, because again, I don’t want to silently record myself and my family with loads of useless video clips. Now if they have a motion recording snooze, I could see that being useful. But instead there are neither scheduled arming nor motion recording snooze. Blink already has this function for their cameras and it works great.

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@trailblazer15 Thanks for your comments. Of course, I agree. And it would seem like a simple addition. I often think many suggestions on the Feature Request Board are sort of “bells and whistles” types of requests, but something like would seem to be a core feature right off the bat. Hopefully others will upvote this and give it some traction. Thanks again.

I’m really surprised this doesn’t exist. I literally have 100 unwanted recordings of us walking around the house per day that I have to scroll through just to look at the ones in the evening which I am interested in. I shouldn’t have to manually turn motion on and off every morning and evening, it’s a pain.

Correct. Please search out my post on this in Feature Request and upvote it. I believe that will also bump it to the top for others to see again and vote on.