A19 Schedule 4 Hours Off

I have an A19 Light, I scheduled the light to come on at 7:45, yet it comes on at 3:45
I have it set to turn off at 4 and it turns off at 12

Where do we go to change the time-zone? I am assuming that is the issue.

It should pick up the time zone based on your address that you have in your account.

That’s what I thought, however the A19 time is off by 4 hours, but the Ring Doorbell is reporting the correct time on videos and snapshots

Hi @Richard-G. This is definitely interesting. Try this- create a Motion Schedule for a device, save it and then exit the Ring app. Wait a few minutes, open the Ring app and delete the schedule you just made. Creating/Deleting this schedule should prompt the Ring app to align everything with your correct time zone. Let me know if this works!