A19 kink maybe a firmware update can fix?

I’ve noticed on my Ring smart bulbs… obviously the light switches have to remain in the “on” position. I usually have these bulbs off in the app until I need them.

But I’ve noticed in event of a power outage, even a brief one, the bulbs will come on (and at full brightness) when the power comes back on. And they stay on until I notice and turn them off via app.
Can’t the app make the bulbs maintain their on/off setting in the event of a random power outage?

Hi there, @bluedialer! When this occurs, if you wait some time for Bridge and Smart Lighting device connection, does this remain the same? Also, when this power is introduced and you check in the Ring app, does the toggle show as “on”?

Hey Marley. I have also experienced the same issue during a couple of power outages with my A19 bulbs. The bulbs turn on, but the app still shows them as off. I think this might be expected behavior with smart bulbs; i.e. when the switch is quickly turned off and on the bulbs come on like a normal bulb, but it would be nice if the bridge would periodically check the status of the bulb and send the last setting to it if there’s a mismatch.


Yes exactly as pdeethardt says.

Lights are originally off, then power outage occurs.
Lights then turn on after power is restored, but the toggle in the app still has them as “off.”
The lights continue to stay on until you manually toggle them on then off in the app.

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Thank you for the reinforcement on that, @pdeethardt. I appreciate both of you neighbors for sharing in our passion for knowing how our devices work! :slight_smile:

I’ve checked with the team to confirm that, currently, Smart Lighting Bulbs will function like a standard light bulb when a switch is used. When the switch is flipped, or power is loss/ restored, your Smart Lighting Bulbs will resume normal operation upon triggering a smart lighting event in the Ring app. Of course, you both are already aware of this detail.

Nevertheless, I’ve also shared your feedback with our teams here for future consideration in improving this experience. :slight_smile:


Yes, it would be great that after a power outage the smart bulbs would return to the state they were in before the power outage. I have 6 par38 smart bulbs in my backyard. After I regain power from a power outage my backyard is lit up super bright until I manually turn them off in the app.